The feature film “Sharkskin” directed by Dan Perri for which Dario composed the original score, will premiere on Friday November 13th at the Laemmle Theater in Pasadena. Q&A will follow the red carpet and the screening of the film.

The Sharkskin cast and crew are excited for the theatrical release! Stay tuned for more news.

SHS poster


Dario is currently working on the new album of his Film/TV licensing project “Aerial Circles” which combines atmospheric guitars, sound design, and the cinematic world.

The project is inspired by the idea of creating a guitar-driven soundscape through “composing and de-composing” parts and mixing them with cinematic sounds.

The full album will contain 10 instrumental tracks and will be released in early 2016.

Go on the MUSIC section of this website to check out the first 3 tracks “Luci Fredde”, “Rain Drops”, and “Breathe In”.

The recording of "Aerial Circles"