IT’S FINALLY OUT! My album “Across All States” is available for streaming and purchase.

A huge thanks to Audio Network for the opportunity to write and record this album, to Omar Fadel for collaborating on a few tracks, Edoardo Tancredi for his mastery on drums, Isaiah Gage for his stellar cello playing, and Lacy Rostyak for her tasty solo on the track “At the End of the Day”. It was also a huge honor having the fantastic English Session Orchestra recording the most amazing strings at Abbey Road Studios and James Saez at The Audio Labs engineering some of the most tasty stuff on this album.

Last but not least, I’d like to dedicate this album to my dad which was a big influence in the musical journey that led to this music.

“Take a trip across all states with Dario Forzato’s dreamy Americana atmospheres. Featuring strings, dark acoustic guitars, charango, cello,  and powerful builds”